Socks 2016

Oil on Board 2016

Springer Spaniel Commission

Oil on Canvas 2015

Commission from a photograph 2015. This dog is a working dog and family pet.

Poppy Age 9

Oil on Board 2015

Painting of my niece from a photograph. Shortly after this photo was taken we accidentally fell in the river when I hilariously tried to carry her over it.

Pencil Drawing 2015

Pencil Drawing 2015

Black Dog

Pen and watercolour 2014

A fellow member of Priory Arts was doing a painting of Whitby Abbey as part of a project on Dracula. Coincidently I was drawing this picture, which fit in with the project as in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula came ashore in the guise of a black dog. This made me draw the eyes a bit more fierce looking than I would have done otherwise.

Socks Sleeping

Acrylic on canvas 2012

My cat Socks, sleeping. Socks likes most cat stuff, tuna, sleeping, having his chin scrtiched. He categorically does not like his stomach stroking. This picture captures his lovely tummy fur which is all soft and silky and oh so tempting.

Socks by the window

Acrylic on canvas 2012

I quite like the melancholdy mood of this picture. It captures how Socks feels when it's raining.

Sunny Orchard

Acrylic on canvas 2014

Cat in Undergrowth

Oil on canvas 2013

This painting won the public's choice prize in Priory Art Society's Spring Exhibition 2014 and featured in Leisure Painter Magazine.

Boat, Fiscardo Harbour

Oil on canvas 2014

Fiscardo harbour, Kefalonia


Oil on canvas 2012

Fiscardo Meadow

Oil on canvas 2013

This is a meadow at sunset in the northern part of Kefalonia.

Misty Path

Acrylic on board 2014

The track that leads up to High Cliff, Guisborough woods.